The Return of A King: A Zombie Chronicle

Hello All,

I hope you’ve enjoyed what I have posted of this story. Now is the time for consolidation and the conversion into a book of the same name. I intend this book to be released at the end of August, all things being equal.

As you can imagine, there will be a significant amount of content you won’t have seen up to now (including the end) that I will be putting in the book, I will also be making changes to the chapters you have had access too.

It will be published on Amazon Kindle and will announce when it is ready.

Warmest regards

David K Roberts



    1. Thanks very much Daniel. I appreciate the feedback.

      I will be writing another on my blog after this one is published. It will be a sequel to my first zombie novel (on Kindle &, “The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle” – a lot of people have asked for a sequel so I’m nothing if not obliging 🙂

      Kind regards

    1. Thanks Jack, I appreciate that.
      Sometimes I wish I didn’t set myself target dates. I’ve done ‘The Animus Portal’ and is just waiting to be published. I’m re-writing quite a bit of the Return of A King as there is a big difference between a blog and a book, dammit! Still trying for Sept 1st 🙂
      Kind Regards

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