Return of A King: A Zombie Chronicle has now been published

Hello All

I am very pleased to announce that ‘Return of A King: A Zombie Chronicle’ has now been published and is available on Amazon Kindle.


King and crown 2The end of days began with the astonishing archaeological find of the remains of King Richard III, the last Plantagenet ruler, under a car park in Leicester; the discovery made headlines around the world. Tragically, through the arrogance of a post-grad archaeology student, the careless uncovering of further human remains at the same site leads to the outbreak of a fatal new contagion. The sickness spawns something terrible; the recently dead are reanimating, displaying a terrifying and insatiable appetite for human flesh. The ensuing loss of life in the city of Leicester is catastrophic, not only to the victims and their families, but to the University itself as the progenitor of the cataclysm.

Mankind’s only hope rests with the members of a secretive ancient Order, who for centuries have battled to contain the threat while at the same time keeping their existence hidden from the public. This time the Order is on a collision course with egotistical politicians and government security services, all with their own agendas. Can anyone put the genie back in the bottle?

NB – this is NOT a sequel to ‘The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle’. The target date for that sequel is December 2013.

This novel has been published worldwide on Amazon. Below are 2 links to it in the UK and USA:



I look forward to your comments.





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