How Accurate Are Post-Apocalyptic Films?

I love watching post-apocalyptic films; the first one I ever saw was The Omega Man with Charleton Heston. Absolutely loved the film, still love the film after all these years. Only problem is that the city was way to clean and tidy for the apocalypse, not matter what started it (if you look carefully you can even see cars moving in the distance 🙂 ).Angel of The North

Looking at my garden this summer, after the weather has been reasonably warm with a few showers, it has become the perfect environment for weeds. I seem to have been constantly spraying the little buggers every time they come up in the drive and on the patios. Imagine then the results if you don’t cut the lawn for a few weeks, you let the weeds come up where they may. And that’s just after a few weeks. I reckon two years later you won’t be able to see the shape of your garden, the paving and patio will be cracked to hell and it will take a complete rebuild to return it to its former glory.

So, what about office blocks. They’re made of steel frames with windows attached. They are designed to remain intact under controlled circumstances: air-conditioning, windows cleaned. Remove any cleaning, the air-conditioning goes off and the windows are pushed and pulled by the dramatic changes in temperature. Two years later it’ll just be frames with damaged, water-logged flooring.

The point I’m making is that probably the only film I’ve seen that’s done a bang-up job on the breakdown of civilisation’s fabric is Resident Evil: Extinction, where Las Vegas has been consumed by the desert. Spot on.

None of this stops me enjoying them all; it’s just that some are more believable than others. They tried to improve on the Omega Man with ‘I Am Legend’ and did a reasonable job but still the streets remained drivable several years later.

The Daily Mail Article link below shows some excellent post-apocalyptic scenes of iconic landmarks in the UK, now and then. My favourite images are the Angel of The North and Brighton Pier.

Hope you like them too.


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