Solar Charging Cell Phones – Do They Have a Use In The Apocalypse?

Below is a URL to an interesting article that describes some upcoming technology that will be incorporated into and automatically charge mobile/cell phones using available light. A great idea for everyday life. I know a good few people who would benefit immediately as they inadvertently let their phones go flat and are surprised when it stops working; then there are those who I suspect deliberately let it die because they would rather live in a pre-mobile device era but have been obliged to carry one by a loving relative. We probably all know one of these people but I won’t judge them harshly because there are times when I, too, wish the damn thing would just die.clear screen

But what about during the apocalypse? Are they of value? I would be surprised if the phone facility lasted more than a couple of weeks. The main thing I would be grateful for would be the continuing availability of my favourite music. I think that in an apocalypse I could adjust to most hardships, but to lose forever the music I love and those tunes that have strong memories associated with them would be a significant loss to me. Mind you, like Beethoven, I could always play them in my head. And another thing, wearing headphones might be a high risk strategy in a post-apocalyptic world, unless I also wear glasses with rear-view mirrors attached (weirdly, you can actually buy these at all good bike shops!). Now, I would have to wonder about such frippery, probably cause me to take my eye off the ball, making me vulnerable – although once I’ve been turned I doubt I’d consider such things – I don’t imagine many zombies worry about losing their favourite songs. Or do they? Maybe that’s worth a moan or two.

What else can a smart device give us? We can use it to keep a tally of the zombies we kill; we could still use Bluetooth to send messages between individuals within a group – low value for adults but great for keeping kids entertained. We may even have access to GPS for a good while until the satellites drop from orbit, crashing and burning as the last of our modern facilities die on us.

Just thought of a good use: record the sound of a zombie moaning, then when you need to pass through a group of them, smear yourself with their, essence, for want of a better word, and play zombie sounds to enhance the image you have created. Maybe it’ll work – let me know.

Other than that I think they would only make colourful, sentimental paper weights, although why you’ll have to weigh paper down would be the next question.


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