And here’s another example…

What can I say, the more I look for it, the more I find. The URL below leads to an interesting article describing, 1,400 years ago, the cutting up of bodies in a mass grave. Beheaded, limbs severed, it appears to be yet another attempt to make sure the dead don’t rise again. Some of these victims had Jade inserts in their teeth denoting a high rank in society; others appeared to be suffering from malnutrition, including missing teeth and decay. Poor and important in one single mass grave – sound familiar, anyone?1024px-Guba_mass_grave_6

On a serious note, it’s quite interesting to see how often this appears to happen around the world. I have a personal interest in Archaeology; I love it when something is discovered that turns previous knowledge on its head, but still no-one appears to be connecting the real dots together. Zombie-ism appears to be a relatively new phenomenon; of course the plethora of novels available today do nothing to dispel it as a mere writing genre. If you look a little more closely though, you will find references to it further back than might have been expected.

King and crown 2In my novel ‘Return of A King: A Zombie Chronicle’ (shameless plug) I have named Agrippa’s sword ‘Zumbi Slayer’. Zumbi was a leader of rebellious slaves in South America and it was commonly believed that he was immortal, especially by his followers. To prove he was not immortal, when finally captured in 1695 by the Paulistas at which time he was decapitated and his head displayed in the town square in Recife. Immortality, Zumbi, beheading – it all leads to one conclusion, so why can’t archaeologists see what is staring them in the face?


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