A Life-Saver! Apparently

Well, what can I say? The UK Government is starting a trial to text us when a nuclear (or other) disaster is imminent. What will the text say you may ask? “Watch out, watch out, there’s a zombie about!” or “Kiss your ass goodbye and make it snappy” or perhaps “Now’s the time to seal your windows and then shelter under the stairs. Don’t forget to bag up your dead & we’ll do a bin collection on Wednesday”. Considering this is happening in the north of the UK, there will also be a warning about fines for overly full bins.

Fire - Photo by Petr Kratochvil
Fire – Photo by Petr Kratochvil

On a serious note, it’s all very well for them to tell us about imminent opportunities for a suntan, but what will it do for us? I think the first thing it will do is cause panic buying of supplies. I am trying to think of a single instance in the UK where this would have proven beneficial. I would really like to know. Apparently this same system has already been tested in the USA and the Netherlands. Do people feel safer? If we have any form of disaster right now, someone will email you or call you; you’ll switch on the telly or check the Internet. If you’re driving then strictly speaking this warning should be left unread as it is illegal to text on the move. That is, of course, if you can even get a signal where you are.

When the terrible terrorist atrocity in London on 7/7 occurred I was in Haslemere, southwest of London. Within minutes of it happening everyone in the office knew about it because loved ones and friends checked in on their whereabouts, hoping to find them safe. If I recall correctly, during this incident mobile calls were killed by the emergency services so no-one in the immediate area would have received this important communique anyway.

I’m having real difficulties trying to find a positive benefit in all this. Can anyone please tell me why this spend of my tax £ by our government is a good investment?



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