So What Made Your Wedding Memorable? Zombies?

‘Til Dead Do Us Not Part – what can I say? I was going to do a small blog on themed weddings, using an article about a Canadian couple (URL below) whose zombie themed pre-wedding was an interesting take on this particular topic. Beats the hell out of an Elvis wedding, or does it?wedding photo by Alex Lee

Anyway, I came across another article where a man used scissors to remove his testicles in a church just before a wedding was to take place – makes you wonder how literally we should take lines from the bible such as ‘if your right hand offends you, cut it off’; of course this guy took it to extremis but hey, you’ve got to admire his b…, sorry, courage.

I think the most memorable wedding I went to was one where the bride got so hammered she went from table to table offending each guest in turn – most were the groom’s friends. It was the first and last time I ever met her. If she is somehow reading this – FYI, my woman’s hair is not bottle blonde! Perhaps a better one was where the bride and groom left in a helicopter so we couldn’t sabotage their car.

They say the average price of a wedding in the UK is about £20,000 – I have to question the logic of this. The vow is the key to the whole thing and all you have to do is say it in front of a state recognised official for it to be morally and legally binding and that can be done at a fraction of the cost. Am I sounding like Scrooge? I don’t mean to, but in the UK, on the one hand people are complaining about their student debts and on the other they go and blow this sort of money. I’d say a better plan, especially in light of the economy would be for the parents (or whoever is paying) use it as a deposit on a home for the couple – or a flight to ‘Vegas and get hitched by the King.

What would/did you do for yours to make it memorable?

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Zombie Wedding:


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  1. Nice article 🙂 i’m still laughing for the man that cut off his testicles before the marriage. I don’t think the wife-to-be was too happy for that eheheh, or it was the best day of her life… it depends 😀

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