Today It’s Not About Zombies

A lot has been going on in the world recently, not that it doesn’t always, but lately with the attack on the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi coinciding with the fact that I watched a film called Diverted seemed to rub salt into an old wound.Diverted

Once again, mindless and probably drugged up ‘soldiers’ attacked innocent victims in order to teach someone else a lesson. In spite of the many deaths including men, women and children (and in one case an unborn child) most people are still not even aware of the message that was being delivered, although according to the Somalian terrorist Twitter feed the attack was successful. Their definition of success seems to differ somewhat to that of most other right thinking people.

What made me want to blog on this was one particular headline, “’You’re a very bad man’: Astonishing moment British boy, four, confronted Kenyan mall gunman… who gave him Mars bars and begged for forgiveness.” I don’t have kids of my own, but the strength of children sometimes astounds me, and although you could say that the child didn’t understand what was going on, he had just seen his mother shot, so he can’t have been that unaware.

Moving on to the film I saw, Diverted, it is about those in the air travelling to America on 9/11. The statistics of the day are amazing but for one particular town, Gander, it shows amazing fortitude and human kindness. Some thirty odd airliners and 6,600 people landed there when US Airspace was shut down following the attacks in New York and Washington. They put these people up at significant cost and effort to themselves, no questions asked. I knew nothing of this prior to seeing this film; I imagine it went on across Canada as many towns were similarly ‘invaded’. As far as I’m concerned, 9/11 is the day the world changed, and I’m sorry to say not for the better. I knew people that died in the Twin Towers and for me, although it was not a personally life-threatening event, the results caused me significant hardship, and not just monetary.

While we can feel sorry for ourselves, dwelling on the cruelness we see all around us, while failing to understand why people do what they do, small islands of wonder do float within our sight and it is important to see them for what they are: the positive side of humanity that still exists in spite of everything.


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