Your Weapon Of Choice In A Zombie Apocalypse

So you have your longer range weapon of choice – a hand gun of one sort or another. Perhaps you prefer a rifle or even a crossbow. All have been shown to be of use. But what about close quarters combat? A katana, a machete? Well, all I can say is that is just so yesterday, so passé!

A couple of physicists have just managed to bring together photons as molecules – hard matter. As you will all know from your physics 101 or even just from your own observations, beams of light pass through one another. These guys have used a photon reaction with atoms called the Rydberg blockade, causing them to use their energy passed to local atoms to leapfrog each other through solid matter.

mystica_LightSaber_SingleOf course, you all know what I’m going to say now – it’s the basis of a light sabre. Yes, folks, you heard it here first, the upcoming weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse will be the light sabre. It’s compact, it won’t blunt, it’ll cut through anything like it’s butter. And it will probably fit into your pocket. Of course the issue is to keep it charged. I imagine like all our best portable devices it will be a little on the energy hungry side initially but as the technology develops it will probably only use energy at the rate of the best LED torches so it will ultimately become a viable utility. And there will always be solar chargers that will take us into the long goodnight of the end of civilisation.

One downside though, night attacks may prove problematic for obvious reasons so don’t throw away those cutting and stabbing blades just yet!

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  1. Good weapon, definitely! Other than the nighttime drawback, what scares me the most is I’m hoping the manufactures will build in a safety with the weapon. I would hate the thing turning on by itself and loosing a leg in the process of running!

    1. I had a friend whose father was an insurance adjuster. He had a case where an armed robber wanted compensation for the removal of his gonads. Problem was, the robber tied a piece of string to the trigger to hang the sawn off shotgun inside the raincoat her was wearing.
      You can never have a safety against all scenarios 🙂 – at least a light sabre would cauterise the wound as it cut!

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