The Walking Dead

Well, I’ve just watched the final episode of Series 3 and was pleased to see that it picked up the pace nicely; there had been altogether too much pointless conflab up to the last two episodes. It had me really annoyed at times thinking ‘why did they do that?’ or ‘you can’t be serious!’ but it seemed to work out in the end.TWD

Overall I think it has taught me some lessons in dictator management and shall be applying them to my books.

  1. If someone appears to be using the gun rather than the word to lead, then kill him/her as soon as an opportunity arises. Don’t try to talk them down, it won’t work.
  2. If someone appears to be mad, he or she probably is – kill them.

I was surprised when Rick & co decided to stop at the prison. I understand the relative safety but all they really succeeded in doing was imprisoning themselves, very bad for their mental health. Prisons weren’t designed for well-being, only incarceration and control. And grey, what a bad colour all round. We tried it in the eighties and it turned out to be a bad idea.

It was interesting that they visited the psychotic break aspect of Rick; all that pressure, constant running for over a year, imminent death at all times and then the death of his wife when he wasn’t even there to help. I think they laboured the point rather a lot but it does make you think about how most survivors would handle their situation, starting with survivor guilt and how to cope. Perhaps the ones that will have the most tortured minds will be the young ones.

As adults we have had years for our minds to develop, learn morals and a code of existence. The ruts on that road are deep. On the other hand, a young person the age of Rick’s son is at a turning point in his life: puberty, which, if I remember correctly was a pretty bloody awful hole to be in at times. So he has been taught right and wrong all his young life and just when he thinks he has it skun, he watches as adults break just about every moral code he has been taught. In his last major scene when he kills the other kid with the gun (was he really handing it over? I’m not sure) and excuses himself saying he was defending himself, he probably was, but using a newer and significantly revised code of survival.

I am looking forward to watching the next series, whenever we get that. Just hope there aren’t so many lulls in activity as in series three.



  1. Season Four should be a good one. I’m hoping it goes back to its roots. How can we forget those first six episodes? I know I can’t. I also hope it goes into less of the government side of things and more on the zombie urban legends side of things. I miss the “discovery” phase of the series.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Jack. I prefer the beginning of the apocalypse, when so much is unknown and the government ceases to exist. I think building a ‘government’, even if the guvna is a bastard, moves away from what people really love about the zombie genre – the new beginning and the urgency of it all.

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