Cordon Bleu for Gordon’s Greys. Good Eatin’ For TWD

I read an interesting article about a charity initiative taking place in a few UK prisons, and it gave me pause for thought about the prison canteen in TWD. Apparently a charity, The Clink, has opened a couple of high quality restaurants in prisons and is about to open a third in Brixton Prison in south east London. They will treat non-inmates to a culinary delight, cooked and served by prisoners. It’s all part of a rehabilitation programme to try and train serving prisoners with skills they can take to the outside world when released.

What a good idea.

FLYNET - Exclusive: Gordon Ramsay Arriving At HMP Brixton
FLYNET – Exclusive: Gordon Ramsay Arriving At HMP Brixton

There’s a twist though. Gordon Ramsay, in a bid to shore up his faltering finances, has begun to teach prisoners how to cook. Take this one stage further and imagine Rick and clan arriving at the prison, fighting their way through dozens of hungry zombies to gain access to the inside, only to find Gordon standing there in the canteen screeching at the surviving prisoners, accusing them of being unable to run a f*****g flea pit let alone a f*****g restaurant and on top of that, “you can’t wear those filthy f*****g clothes in here! And wash your hands!” You can only hope he sees you as clientele and not part of the problem. Once you’ve realised he wasn’t actually a zombie, what would you do next? Help him rearrange the restaurant seating? Paint the walls a brighter colour? Decide on a suitable menu with the available food. Or tell him to f**k off? Would you want to help him market the newly done-up restaurant? Perhaps those nice people at Woodbury might like to see it as an occasional out-of-town dining opportunity. I’m sure they’d serve mighty tasty rat burgers.

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