The Walking Dead – An Old Idea

I keep on about this but so far I’ve had no takers from the world of archaeology. Once again another batch of skulls has been discovered, this time under Liverpool Street Station in London, England. They say these poor souls may have been executed after Boudicca’s rebellion in the first century. They may also have been washed down the Walbrook, a tributary of the Thames, from other Roman cemeteries upstream and collected in a bend of the river. Granted, due to their shape I can see them having a similar landing place, but I don’t see other bones not being caught among them – just not statistically likely.

King and crown 2One thing I notice about these reports is the abundant use of the word, ‘may’. I may be a Lottery winner one day, but unequally likely I may not. In this one article no fewer than three ideas have been postulated, each one having credibility from the ‘evidence’.

So, why aren’t there four ideas floating out there? The fourth would naturally be that these people ‘may’ have had their heads removed in an effort to kill them; perhaps there was no other way. See, I’ve used the word ‘may’.

I don’t like living in an absolute world, can I be an archaeologist, please? Better idea – I want to see Professors of Zombology take a seat next to those of Archaeology. To support this assertion, note the use of technical terms in my diatribe (another good word) such as ‘statistics’ and ‘may’. My only concern about the championing of this cause is that it does not give fuel to the collectors of antiquity whose goals are often thwarted by archaeologists claiming national ownership of finds. There, I’ve said it. Controversial or what!?

Read my book, ‘Return of A King: A Zombie Chronicle’ on Amazon Kindle worldwide. It clearly makes my case for scientificizing Zombology. Without proper study this event might just happen.

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Discussed article at – my thanks to you, Victoria Woollaston, for yet another excellent article. I do enjoy them.


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