Is Technology Catching Up To The Apocalypse?

We’ve talked about the best weapons to use in an apocalypse ‘til the cows came home. Now we can talk about personal bite management or, ‘how we can prevent being bitten’.

Below is a link to an article that looks at technology that is derived from the study of how potentially vulnerable (and big-ass) fish can survive in the same river as schools of Piranha. Enter laminated scales. Apparently the Arapaima gigas fish (see picture)arapaima gigas, which can grow to over six feet in length, can share the same water as the Piranha (see the other picture). How does it do it, you ask? Easy. The top layer of it rather large scales is tough and corrugated and can actually fracture teeth. The layers under it and closer to the fishes’ flesh are laminated rows of collagen strings which absorb the energy of a bite. Just like three-ply wood. What a survival mechanism!

piranha4This same layering and structure is being used to develop personal, light-weight body armour able to resist stabbing attacks on people. Remember those old films about King Arthur and his shiny fish-scale armour? Well, it seems that he was right – it offered flexibility, deflection anti-stab technology but in a rather too heavy medium for everyday wear. Not everyone has a huge Destrier to get around on although the upside of owning one would be that growing roses would certainly benefit.

Of course, the developers say they are designing the new armour against knife attack but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come to the market for a very different purpose. Instead of wrapping your arm in masking or electrical tape which quite frankly would hurt to get off hairy skin, just put on your Armani fish scale suit and you can continue to go to work even in the most trying of Zombie Apocalypsii. And everyone knows that a zombie bite is significantly less than a Piranha, unless you count the bone-crushing variety of zomb that eats whole bodies. It might be an idea to get your order in early.

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