Can Zumba Cure Zombies?

Not necessarily a daft question, it deserves at least thirty seconds of your time.

Zumba has been hailed as a miracle dance of the century. We’ve had them before – remember the Tarantella? Of course you don’t. It was developed hundreds of years ago in Roman times down in the heel of Italy in response to what was supposed to be a poisonous spider, the Tarantula (you’ve heard of that, no doubt!). The Tarantella was an hysterical dance that allegedly cured the person of the poison from this spider’s bite. Probably not too far removed from Voodoo dances where the person enters a trance-like state.

Zumba ClassOf course we can explain all of this away by the release of endorphins, giving that feel-good sensation where exercise is essentially good for the body. Making you smile increases the effect.

Zumba is a mixture form of dance with elements taken from martial arts, hip-hop, salsa, samba, meringue, etc. the list goes on. Apparently, and I have to use this word as I’ve never tried it out, each class is about an hour long and is aimed at increasing fitness and health. It has been associated with improvements in the conditions of people with mental health and nervous disorder problems such as Parkinson’s and has been welcomed by various health associations with open arms.

As for Zombies, should an apocalypse come and we have plenty wandering around, perhaps, instead of capturing them in a pit and then using them as an attacking or distracting force against voluntary prison inmates, perhaps we could teach them to dance the Zumba – it might just have a positive effect on their mental condition. Who knows, perhaps it might lead to a cure. Right now I am picturing an apocalyptic version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video – thousands of zombies in Time Square or Trafalgar Square performing synchronised Zumba moves to a hip-hop or samba beat. What a sight!

Not only that, it might bring them back to life 🙂

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