Zombie Pants

Wow, and I thought leather trousers were always worn by the wrong people. Imagine human skin trousers – is there a right person to wear them?

Apparently so in Iceland. Admittedly the tradition seems to have stopped a while back but apparently, if you are a sorcerer and get the skin’s owner’s permission, after their death you were allowed to skin the lower half of the body, removing it in one piece, and then wear the skin against your own. Apparently they clung as if it was your own skin and brought you good luck. I bet the luck didn’t include bringing a lot of women admirers, although who knows? There’s someone out there for everyone.

A Geyser not wearing trousers in Iceland, photo by Piotr Wojtkowski
A Geyser not wearing trousers in Iceland, photo by Piotr Wojtkowski

I wasn’t sure how to relate this article to zombies but I guess you could say it was an example of a dead man walking. What it does make me wonder is whether or not post-apocalyptic survivors aren’t missing a trick. Human skin has been used by many ‘civilisations’ down through time. Are we just too squeamish? What is leather made from after all? Skin from a cow or other similar creature. We have already seen examples of rounding up zombies to provide sport or as a decoy in battles against well-defended positions. Is it so wrong to round them up for the leather industry? Was does leather give us in our current society – to name but a few items: shoes, belts, keyring fobs, seat and chair covering and of course, shudder, trousers.

Is this a step too far in an era where supply of foods and raw materials are in continuous short supply? I am always surprised at just how long the clothing remains in good nick in TWD, surely there would be more holes, sever discolouration, decrepitude (love that word). Leather has been a resounding success down the ages due to its resilience and its ability to be soft or hard, depending on our requirements.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

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More on skin trousers: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2476512/Are-terrifying-trousers-The-17th-century-NECROPANTS-corpse-legs–supposed-lucky.html


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