Hallucinating (About) Zombies

I read a sad article yesterday about a lad in California who began hallucinating about seeing zombies. He then broke into a house at 3am in search of a gun and was promptly shot to death by the owner.

Night of The Living Dead
Night of The Living Dead

Why did he imagine he was seeing zombies? Until the tox screen comes back there is no evidence he was on drugs, but that isn’t what I’m talking about. On drugs or not, why zombies? Is it because there is a prevalence of zombies in the media, or does it go deeper into our psyche?

I have recently completed a book called The Animus Portal for which I am in the process of searching for an agent/publisher. Basically put, the animus/anima is a manifestation of the expectations and personal desires one projects onto the object of your desire – i.e. a person of interest to you. This projection is composed of the ideal characteristics and behaviour you expect from this person. Commonly it is mostly your current or future partner. It is often responsible for the failure of a relationship – expectation never meets reality. You know the old adage that women marry their father (well, to be more precise, a man matching her father’s perceived qualities) – that’s her animus at work. Do men marry their mother? I know Oedipus set an example in this sort of behaviour but I hope not!

What if, over time and experience, under duress we begin to project our anima/animus on people all around us? Instead of projecting our ideal we project our nagging fears? I’m no psychiatrist so maybe there’s a name for that already but with all the hype involving zombies, Hollywood jumping on the bandwagon, even the CDC is doing so (see http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies.htm), is it possible to be so immersed in the culture that it overwhelms us? I have to say, writing about zombies has made me look harder at people and circumstances all around me. It has almost become my constant companion.

Most people, in a normal state of mind, realise that the CDC is, in truth, playing on our love of the genre to educate and make us aware that the spread of disease might just follow that of our beloved zombies (I have argued that I think this is an inaccurate promulgation based on the fact that a zombie is fictional and has the traits the author gives it – see http://www.david-k-roberts.com/?p=542), so that through their comfort and playful scientific demeanour we know with absolute certainty that almost certainly zombies don’t or won’t exist.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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