Will Our Elected Governments Be Our Final Downfall?

In 1983 there was a war games exercise that was so realistic that it panicked the Soviets into launching their long range bombers. That single reaction could have precipitated total war, or Armageddon in that nuclear-weapon oriented world.  We, the West, must have been able to forecast such a reaction, so why did we do it?

Atomic PosterDid we vote for this type of stupidity? Do we always vote for stupidity? Biggest question of all, do we actually have a choice? Makes you wonder if our selection of party at election time boils down to what we perceive as the lesser stupid. Do we have evidence to the contrary? I for one can’t see it. After all the hullaballoo about our MPs and their expenses scandal, we now find that many of them are still getting the public purse to pay for their energy bills, just when the country is about to go to war with the utility companies because of their excessive and pointless overcharging – just because they can.

So, if we replace one set of idiots with another every four years or so, would it be a relief to have an apocalyptic event? Or would the idiocy just begin all over? Judging by how TWD sees events panning out, perhaps we love our idiots. Take the Governor as an example, it was clear he was not what he appeared to be – would a mild-mannered man set up violent gladiatorial events to let off steam? It’s not as if they didn’t have other violent pastimes that would have been more profitable. On top of that there were a lot of opportunities for someone to topple him but no-one had the will. Maybe we are all just different levels of masochist.

With all the focus on global warming and the deep-seated desire to blame mankind, it seems many of us are willing to believe the very slim evidence we are told is solid gold because actors and politicians tell us. The same evidence enables our politicians to leverage huge ‘green’ taxes, so maybe that’s the real evidence. If they were being open and honest, they would be working on getting us to be more waste aware and Earth-friendly simply because we should, not because we’re to blame for all the bad in the world. Still, they have to find an alternative to the Cold War to keep us in line, don’t they?

Perhaps I’m wrong, maybe our politicians aren’t stupid. They might still be the end of us.

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The article that began my diatribe – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2485714/How-Nato-war-games-took-world-brink-nuclear-holocaust-1983.html


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