Is There Hope For The Human Race?

Black Friday is no misnomer – the antics of our fellow man are certainly dark in the desire for a bargain. I remember a few years back now, mothers getting into hand-to-hand combat with each other over the Cabbage Patch Doll as their numbers on the shelves dwindled and they became more desperate to please their little precious ones. I also remember a particularly unflattering brawl that occurred when an IKEA shop opened up in North London – the first day was a super-sale – and the customers resembled more of an invading horde; it wasn’t pretty and involved large numbers of police.

David Icke's Official Forums - which one is the doll?
David Icke’s Official Forums – which one is the doll?

Today in the newspaper was the headline “It’s Black-eye Friday!”. If only it had stopped at a black eye or two. It went on to describe stabbings and shootings (by the police).

It makes me wonder to what levels we are prepared to stoop for self-gratification. Perhaps this is the true nature of the human race – maybe this is why we have religion and rules, without them it seems we are doomed. I remember having a discussion with Jack Flacco a while back about the nature of people; my stance was that I thought there was an inherent goodness and altruism within us all, if only we can find it – that way the picture painted in TWD was rather darker than reality. After today’s news I’m not sure the correct answer needle isn’t swinging more towards Jack’s stance.

It’s a sad day in my opinion if we are to settle on the fact that human nature is that dark as the norm. Maybe it is human nature also to build social walls over which we climb at our peril. Having said that, we have used these same walls, religion and country, to commit some pretty appalling acts down the centuries. Would we be better off without these constraints? After a bloody interim period would we settle on some sort of satisfactory middle ground – like a war of attrition using the concept of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) as our boundary maker?

One thing I’m now certain of is that there is no wrong scenario in any apocalyptic novel.

Common Cold 2 cover 29-11-13On a brighter note, I will publish the sequel to “The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle” on Sunday 1st December. It’s called “The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle – Cabin Fever”. I have tried hard to differentiate it from other sequels by giving it an actual story line that has significantly less sitting around and talking than TWD in Series 3! It propels our heroes and heroines forward into the unknown, facing threats that I hope will make your skin crawl!

Happy reading folks J

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