Contagion Spreading From London

This article speaks for itself really but is great ammunition for my blog sequel to ‘Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle’. It shows that there is a lag for the spread, hitting Europe badly before it knocks heavily on the USA’s door.

King and crown 2Of course this article is promulgated on the basis of viral or bacterial contagion whereby it is spread through airborne or some form of fluid contact, be it sweat on a shiny door handle or the more obvious mechanisms. I have already discussed that in a previous blog called ‘Zombies and Maths’ that there is only a partial correlation between a bug and the spread of zombies. Our zombie friends have already been shown to be virulent through the spitting/vomiting of blood and bites. But most important is the speed at which it can be transmitted, infected and the victim turned in order to continue the spread. I think it is safe to say that World War Z has the honour of showing the fastest turn times so far. Unless you know different?

Anyhow, I hope you are reading my blog, it will be interesting to see how it pans out, especially once it goes international.

The article that caught my eye:


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