Zombies Or The Terminator?

If you had to face an apocalypse, which enemy would you prefer to face? Not an easy decision, unfortunately both would entail wholesale slaughter although you would not have to kill humans, or ex-humans, if you face Terminators. Maybe that’s the best way out, fight a war in which you don’t have to kill your own kind, even if they are undead.

In this latest article, it describes a synthetic muscle fibre capable of easily throwing objects 50 times its own weight. A little like ants really. Obviously we are witnessing its infancy and are really talking about nanotechnology and the use of it for very small devices without the room for normal systems of motors, pulleys and batteries.

SkynetWe know science will never leave it there; look ahead twenty years, there will be synthetic limbs of amazing strength that will look and feel like normal limbs – remember the Six Million Dollar Man? With luck, though, the wearer won’t have to move in Slow Mo when using it. It will also simplify the use of robots for manual labour, and enable their limbs to move as smoothly and precisely as our own. At last they will have a mechanical muscle made of millions of Vanadium Dioxide crystals that will match the extreme performance of the predictive software needed for an android to behave, at least physically, like a human body. Is this good news? Or will it mean that the robots we fight in the future be even more competent than the first Terminators. It may not be the T-1000, but it will kick ass.

Now you have more information, how would you choose your preferred apocalypse? I’d guess personal survivability would be a big part of the decision making process, and somehow that usually falls to a zombie apocalypse.

No-one ever chooses the Wrath of God, why is that?

The Article that inspired the blog today: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2527612/New-robotic-muscle-thousand-times-stronger-humans.html

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