A Man Of Conviction – Preparing For The Apocalypse

A recently retired octogenarian senator, Roscoe Bartlett, may have the right idea. Far from your average politician, even if you aren’t a republican you have to admit that his argument for internal defence against unconventional attack on a nation makes quite a bit of sense.

ImageI’ve said it before in my books and on my blogs, if someone wants to succeed enough against an existing government or even an individual, all they have to do is succeed once; those already ensconced have to win every time. The logic of the assassin.

With technological progress comes additional risk – with every action comes an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s Law of Motion applies everywhere we look, nowhere more obviously than in politics or world power plays – MAD and the Cold War being the perfect illustration of this. We have already seen that more and more cyber-attacks are being played by Russia and China (and others) against infrastructure interests in the West. With the development of technology, weaponry is becoming harder to detect and more powerful and targeted.

Back to our senator. He has retired into the backwaters of West Virginia to go ‘off-grid’. He has 153 acres of land on which he is developing an isolated and insular haven for survival come the apocalypse, whatever form it takes. Solar power, man-made lakes, farming, etc. Sounds like a pretty nice place to retire to but he still gets up by 6am every day to work on it because survival is at stake. Quite an astonishing man, really. All through his political life he has been a proponent of defending infrastructure from attacks such as EMP bombs. As time moves forward EMP could easily be replaced by cyber-attacks, as they can be initiated from the other side of the world, out of harm’s way. They are designed to destroy computers controlling gas, electricity and water, the three main staples of a country’s survival. I shudder every time a power company offers me an Internet connection to my house so that they can monitor usage and allow me to ‘manage’ my own environment more closely. What they are inadvertently doing is allowing external influence into my home. Imagine I go to work for the day and someone malevolently turns on my gas at the stove. I come home and switch on the light. Boom, I’m dead along with my neighbours.

They tell me the Internet connection is secure. Snigger. But we all know about ‘secure’, don’t we children! Have you seen Demon Seed with Julie Christie? An organic super-computer falls for the wife of its inventor and locks her into the house, using temperature to drive her from one room to another. Instead of a super-computer, imagine it is replaced by cyber terrorists. In my day to day life I sell a technology that monitors websites for cross-site scripting, SQL injection and other penetration mechanisms. As a result of my work I have seen how poorly many company systems are secured in reality, some of the names of the worst culprits would shock you – I include government sites in this. Why should we trust power companies to connect up to our houses using the Internet?

Anyway, I’m digressing a little. I think it is important for us all to be a little more aware than we are, both with regard to what is going on out there, but also question how well you are being protected by your respective governments. Most people in our countries sit back, fat and happy in the knowledge that we are being properly defended. Hell, if they can’t even come up with a legal reason for going into Iraq the second time, why should we be so complacent? Just because we have a lot of guns, tanks, aeroplanes and ships protecting us, has anyone checked the back door is locked properly? After all, our governments buy security technology from the lowest bidder (at least initially).

The point of this diatribe is that not all insane-sounding voices in the wilderness are insane. I think I might just find my own 153 acres, only I won’t be telling anyone where it is!!

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This post was inspired by this news article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2533946/Former-GOP-Congressman-Roscoe-Bartlett-builds-survivalist-compound-remote-West-Virginia-woods-prepare-doomsday-living-grid.html


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