Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid!

Today’s blog is going to be short and sweet.

I love watching the Food Channel here in the UK as Adam Richman tackles challenges that to a normal human being would kill, maim or disgust – or all three of course. I find it a little frightening and wouldn’t be his colon for anything in the world; how can a man eat so much without some form of tear in the fabric of his particular space-time continuum?

Molly ShuylerIf we watch zombie films and see the undead scoffing their way through a juicy human, give a thought for this woman. She can eat a 72 ounce – yes, that’s 4.5 pounds of meat – a whole butt cheek, in less than 3.5 minutes! Not only that, but the day before she also smashed another eating record by consuming a 12lb sandwich, 1lb of French fries and a large soda as part of the Mad Greek Deli Challenge in Portland. She completed the incredible feat in 54 minutes and was the only woman to finish. To top it off she is as skinny as a rake – can we learn from this? I wonder. Go Molly Schuyler!

It’s a good thing this lady is unique (as far as we know) otherwise zombies would be a bloody sight more frightening with even less chance of survival when fighting them. They would soon be described as land piranhas, and with very good reason!

Zombie books by David K Roberts:

The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle

UK          USA       Canada Australia

The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle – Cabin Fever (Sequel)

UK          USA       Canada Australia

Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle

UK          USA       Canada Australia


The story that triggered this blog:



  1. My gosh, those are incredible numbers! 4.5 pounds? My family of 4 barely finishes 2 pounds of meet during taco night! Gosh, and now I have to eat something–I’ve made myself hungry! 🙂

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