Am I Going To Be Right, Or What?

In both of my Zombie Chronicle stories I allude to non-terrestrial origins of the apocalypse. In The Common Cold it is a man-made error, while in Return Of A King it is a much older but growing problem.

There has been a lot of discussion of meteors hitting the Earth and what can be done. In spite of the potential and catastrophic damage a hit like that could cause, there has been no talk about extra-terrestrial life forms landing in a viable state. I’m not talking about ET, I’m talking microbes. There is also a lot of discussion at the moment about ‘proof’ that we ourselves are not of this planet but have evolved from something deposited on the surface, or in the water.

Comet-Ison1-1200x900An interesting report recently (and the one that has me thinking that ultimately I might be right in my portrayal of the origins of the apocalypse) spoke of the break-up of the ISON comet. Going too near to the sun on its final fling through our solar system, it broke up catastrophically, leaving a trail of dust and debris in the path of the Earth’s orbit. When we pass through this cloud of debris our closing speed will be low enough that instead of burning up in the atmosphere as do most of our high speed visitors, it will simply drop into the atmosphere and descend in the rain or as microscopic dust particles. Perhaps some of us will breathe in this dust, some will pass into water and get consumed by us or animals. Most will fall to the ground where it will be subsumed by the larger quantities of soil that composes our beautiful planet.

What if there is organic life in or on these particles? What if it wants to use us a host, or as a meat suit to quote one of my featured authors, Amy Good. In the end we may not go out with a bang but with a bite!

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