This Gave Me The Shivers When I Read It

In my book, ‘The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle’, I had Rob cut crosses in the heads of bullets to stop them exiting the target and putting holes in an aeroplane fuselage while in flight. Well, with these little beauties he would not have had that worry.

RIPThe manufacturer markets them as protector rounds for women alone at home defending their property. Hmm. I would have thought that even a loaded .22 pistol would have the desired effect – I sure as hell wouldn’t want ‘even’ a .22 slug in me! These little fellas, though, euphemistically named R.I.P – Radically Invasive Projectile – would give no second chances. Even if the shot was not immediately fatal, the target would almost certainly bleed out quickly.

If we look at home invasion, a phenomenon that seems mostly to take place mostly in the USA, it must be a terrifying event for any victim. In spite of this being a heinous, dreadful act, should such a projectile still be used? Are we not wandering down a sad and dehumanising path? Even in war, dum-dum bullets have been banned for their ability to cause horrific, un-fixable wounds – these things are just a refined dum-dum. And yes, I know hollow points – a legal ammunition – change shape on entry to increase ricochet potential once inside the chest cavity. Do we need even more mayhem?

dum-dum1If you have a loaded gun with regular bullets I would have thought that hitting the target would be a pretty effective deterrent without the evisceration promoted by these RIP slugs. After all if you miss with a normal bullet, you will also miss with one of these but there is more potential for ricochet of shards in a confined space. I would be interested to see what legal standing the lonely housewife would have if using these on a victim. Overkill, anybody?

Having said all that, come the ZA they’d be pretty damn effective in close range combat – head shots would take on a whole new vista – but a warning – cover your mouth with a filter of any sort, when inhaled, the fine spray these would create would soon convert you into a legitimate target for said ammo.

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  1. Interesting bit about the bullets. I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing but are these those bullets that break apart upon impact? I’m talking about when the bullet penetrates, because it has a sliced or hollow tip, they shatter. Those are dreadful little things. No a zombie would survive after a hit like that through the skull!

    1. Yes, you are right. They are called dum-dum bullets. They are designed to shard internally making it difficult to fix the wound. Normal hollow points or even NATO rounds are designed to create sharp edges as the jacket tears but remain in a single piece mostly. These new things are designed to break up into what looks like 8 pieces that probably spin and cut their way through the body – like a sprinkler and water. Really nasty! At least I think you couldn’t use them to fire through a door so Japanese tourists that knock asking for directions won’t necessarily die when shot this way. One less excuse for wanton killing of strangers.
      Remember Day of The Jackal? He used Mercury tipped slugs. They work in a similar way but the shards are liquid metal and if they don’t kill will poison you. Man is very good at finding new & nasty ways of killing each other. Isn’t it nice to see innovation at work? 🙂 At least when the time comes we’ll have good tried & tested ammo for zombies.

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