Forget Jam And Jerusalem, Gimme Guns!

This story made me smile.

theWI_Logo_IW_RGB_2col-cropped-for-website-headerThe Women’s Institute, or the WI as it is fondly known in the UK, has been with us since 1915. To paraphrase their website, The Women’s Institute (WI) was formed in 1915 to revitalise rural communities and encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War – the fact that we lost such a massive percentage of the male population in that conflict meant women’s role in society changed forever, no bad thing. Since then, broadening their aims has made them the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK. It’s 150 years old next year and will celebrate with 212,526 members. This institute plays a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.

Enough of the education. As part of their activities they usually get an external person to give a talk about something germane to their needs. Instead of knitting, flower arranging and advanced jam-making, they wanted to pep up their meeting and asked a police officer to come in and give them a talk. The organiser, Elaine Fay, was not satisfied with the usual Neighbourhood Watch conversation, after all most of them already knew how to lock a door or window. Instead she organised a firearms officer to talk about his role in the police.

pink furry handcuffsApparently the sergeant attending was hugely well received, and was even asked if he had pink furry handcuffs. A 2 hour session ensued and all manner of weaponry was displayed and explained.

For anyone in the UK, the WI is seen as a little on the stuffy side (us blokes don’t have a clue of course, being excluded from this sexist organisation J ) – it does go to show that even in a country like the UK where hand guns through to rifles are roundly banned, with the availability of licences to own and use one are very hard to come by, there is a fascination in most people that, if encouraged, comes out quite quickly.

The lesson I have learnt from this article? If the ZA does come, let the WI rule, not only will they keep you well fed on tasty Victoria sponges and jams but they are very likely to kick ass and keep the home fires burning!

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The story that triggered this blog:


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