What Could Take Us To A Zombie Apocalypse?

We have global warming caused by man. Governments spent, sorry, charged us billions in green taxes to avert this catastrophe on, quite frankly, indirect and thin evidence. Not sure if it’s worked but it was a good diversionary tactic to take our eyes of the real problems we can see and sort out. For everything they argued in its favour the points were easy to counter, unless you were an actor and needed a green cause.

So how about something that has ample and absolute proof that is a real threat? How much would you be willing to pay? Would it be easily voluntary or will the various governments get off their green backsides and force the ‘Industrial Complex’ to act appropriately?

Fierce Alchemy - NewI’m talking about something that will affect us all. You, me, your families, your friends. It is the 70% of bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotics. I highlighted this problem in my book ‘Fierce Alchemy’. There has to be an alternative to filling up our food stock with antibiotics because they cram them into untenable and inhumane spaces because they have to produce enough food for all of us. Problem is, we in the west already waste massive amounts of food every year. So why do we need to over-produce more?

Sorry, I’m getting on a rant again. Sorry, but this issue is a sore spot for me. I get sick and tired …

Oops there I go again.

Anyway, back to antibiotics. In the UK we keep hearing calls for doctors to stop handing out antibiotics like sweets (candy for my US readers J ). All very well, A-Bs can’t cure the cold – it’s a virus. This is, no doubt, an issue. What is more of an issue is the intense farming methods touted and engaged upon in the west (e.g. milking cows living in huge numbers in concrete-floored sheds underground – who the hell thought that little beauty up should be made to share their environment for a year – he’d change his mind PDQ). The latest is a pig farm against which there has been huge protest from all around the world. It will house 25,000 pigs – yes that’s right! – most of whom are more intelligent than the farmer that wants to do this. In order to keep them disease free they will be pumped with A-Bs. Guess who will then be pumped full of these same A-Bs? The customer, of course. These drugs will still be in the meat we eat. This passes the problem up the food chain.

This all sounds bloody awful and if I wasn’t a dedicated carnivore I would choose to become a vegetarian. Better still, governments could force a tax on these over-producers -what shall we call it – the A-B Tax. At least they’d have proof positive to justify it. But they won’t, they will say it is anti-competitive and anti-economic growth. But we all know what’s anti-economic growth: the Zombie Apocalypse!

Joking aside, please read this article on the URL below and then start to pester your local MPs, your senators, in fact anyone who will listen. We are sitting on a time-bomb. It’s not a question of if it will go off but when. Real experts say we have five years before even the most trivial surgery will become a life and death event. Do we want to go down that road? If you ever want a cause, choose one for which there is overwhelming and irrefutable proof. SAVE THE ANTIBIOTIC!

You might like to read my book, Fierce Alchemy. It gives more information about this situation, as well as being a great read!

Fierce Alchemy – USA

Fierce Alchemy – Canada

Fierce Alchemy – UK

Fierce Alchemy – Australia

The story that influenced by blog/rant: http://s.telegraph.co.uk/graphics/projects/antibiotic-resistance/index.html


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