Zombie Woman, Stay Away From Me!

Some stories are just too good to resist! I have done several articles on the possibility that zombies have existed for centuries before we realised what they were. I have even written two books on the subject, Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle, and its sequel, Z Factor – check out http://www.david-k-roberts.com.

King and crown Z-Factor 3Why, oh, why should zombies be a modern phenomenon? If that’s the case, and they are ancient, then surely there is some sort of handed down dogma or rhetoric on the subject, if we could but find it. Or would there be? If, over time, an Order had been created to combat its presence, then perhaps such ancient knowledge is stored somewhere inaccessible to mortal man not in the know.

Take this article as a case in point. A woman has been found buried, (don’t worry, it’s Iron Age, not today J )her feet severed probably post-mortem, and animal corpses were laid upon her head. With her were also buried a child and two men, clearly put to death by sword or other sharp weapon. Was it overkill, or would she have become the walking dead? The article postulates this is part of a cemetery for dead whose demise was hard to explain. What if, as an alternative explanation, the locals actually knew the manner of death, and the potential results of inaction regarding the corpse?

There are many sites like this across the UK, and I’m sure Europe as well. Commonly they are put down to ritual or superstition, probably because there is no associated documentation. Documentation of your world makes you sophisticated and knowing, apparently. Before the written word there was plenty of sophistication in the spoken word, recitation of history and the reverence for knowledge. It was practiced all around the world, and still is in parts.

I would say that with the massive overload of information in modern times, all because of the benefits of documentation, we have, for the most part become less sophisticated and insular. Maybe our ancestors knew more than we give them credit for.

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The article that spawned this Blog: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2599913/Feet-Iron-Age-burial-woman-chopped-prevent-coming-dead.html


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