Warm Bodies, Anyone?

Today’s mental wandering is only partly zombie related.

Is there anything more upsetting than watching Hollywood and fashion killing off the human race – starting with the female half? Perhaps they have created a desire in women to become the skeletons or the love interest in Warm Bodies. Is this film to blame for this latest trend?

The latest disfiguring trend to come from the catwalks and Hollywood is the ‘triple zero’ body. Yes, folks, you heard it here (almost first). Some of our women folk seem to have it in their lollipop (you’ll see what I mean shortly) heads that it’s good to not just be thin, but to be cadaverous thin. Seeing photos of their alleged ‘beauty’ I am put in mind of footage of the desperately unfortunate people saved from the final rounds of the Nazi concentration camps. Only this time it is voluntary, and they wear expensive rags and call it fashion.

Let’s face it folks, if someone dragged you off the streets, locked you in a dungeon and starved you to achieve the same results, it would be called assault! Okay, there would be associated kidnapping charges, but I think you get my point.

Photo C Alexa Chung-Instagram
Photo C Alexa Chung-Instagram

So, why are our children’s role models advocating these extreme looks? Is it to make us aware of the plight of people in the Horn of Africa? No, it’s because it looks good. Apparently. I’ll be damned if I see it as good looking so, let’s examine this a little more dispassionately. I have inserted a photo to set the example:

  1. The description of this photo says that this woman’s waist measures 23” – this size in fact corresponds to the size of a six to eight year old girl – this person is in her twenties
  2. The legs are straight up and down, there is no tone, no musculature at all. Not that they exercise properly, they eat almost nothing and use treadmills to exercise those last unsightly pounds off.
  3. A lot of these women have long hair to hide the fact that they would have the lollipop effect – that’s to say the appearance of an extra-large head. Of course this is an illusion, the head is the right size, it’s the body that is too small.
  4. I understand that an obsession is spreading in our young women that there needs to be light showing between closed legs at the top of the thighs – none of that unsightly flesh getting in the way of daylight.

So who is to blame for this? I used to think it was the misogynistic heads of fashion companies and magazines – and I say misogenistic because who in their right minds could allow this form of abuse/self-abuse to go on in plain sight? It may well have started with them but perhaps this attitude has finally invaded women’s minds so that they no longer need the previous coercion to move in this fleshless direction. If memory serves me correctly, it was reported that the cast of Desperate Housewives (the women) used to compete for the most loss of weight while on set. You can certainly see the results as the seasons fly by; what were once normal, attractive faces and bodies become drawn and skeletal. I have also noticed this same trend in most other American TV series where there is a strong lead female character.

One positive point to all of this: this approach to gaunt would be a distinct benefit for the cast of TWD, after all continual weight loss would be a feature of the apocalypse, especially while fighting for survival. Talk about reality TV and dying for your art!

If women are doing it to themselves these days, the big question is, why? As a man I see it as a great benefit to us all if there is variety in sizes, after all it is the same with men. Big, small, tall, short; variety is the spice of life. Every man I’ve ever spoken to about this subject agrees that the fuller figure is preferable to hugging a xylophone. I don’t know any women that approve of this trend at all, and yet I see it constantly in the papers how another young girl takes her life because she feels fat, or is hospital-bound because she has become dangerously anorexic (is there a non-dangerous version?). It seems to be a growing obsession in the readily-influenced young.

There was a move a few years back where magazines began talking about how they would ban this stick-thin culture but it seems to be returning with a vengeance, if it ever left. As far as I’m aware, the only magazine to drink this cool-aid of change was an Israeli one, enforcing a certain larger size of individual in order to qualify as a model.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this upsetting and spreading culture. Is this acceptable? Can it be stopped? Am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?

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  1. Great analogy with The Walking Dead. I just hope things change soon. There is so much harm being done that I’m not sure anyone realizes what it will do to a nation with such extreme models as model citizens. Maybe we’ll know in another century or two when the real zombie apocalypse will have had destroyed humanity by starving itself!

    1. I caught a few minutes of Sabrina The Teenage Witch yesterday and I realised she would now be classed as heavily overweight for the film industry these days. It’s very depressing and as you say these new models as role models, it’s a case of ever decreasing circles. Still, they have created a deep pool of resources as extras on TWD!

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