Has Science Got It Wrong – AGAIN?

As you all know, Richard III’s remains were discovered in 2012 in a Leicester car park. Along with the struggle to determine where his remains should be interred, they have also done analysis of his body to assess the voracity of Shakespeare’s description of the man and to determine how he died.

King and crown 2And there’s one other thing discovered – he was killed after repeated blows to the head! What does that call to mind? Anyone in the know will readily identify this method of killing as a panicked hacking at a man in the advanced stages of zombie-ism. If you have read my book, Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle, you will know that a new plague of zombies arose from this very car park – dug out from the same depth and therefore era. It doesn’t take much of a leap of faith to realise that scientists are being rather blinkered in their appraisal of the wounds. They say his head was hacked at and he died after some nine hits to his skull, including two that were most likely the fatal blows. No cuts appeared to have been aimed at his body other than probable post-mortem stabs. They say he was wearing all of his armour apart from his helmet. I say the hits to his head were targeted – you’ll never kill a zombie with body blows. He fell to the ground from his horse – ever seen a zombie that can ride worth a damn? He lost his horse so he fought on foot. He wasn’t fighting – he was trying to bite those around him.

So now you see the truth of it – our beloved king, the last English king to be slain in battle, had a more unfortunate demise. Of course, official records will never acknowledge this as the truth. So it will just have to go down in history as a more mundane and relatively prosaic death rather than one, if it had only been acknowledged as fact, would have led to us avoiding the current Zombie Apocalypse!

The end will be brought on by official cover-ups. You know I’m right.

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