There’s No Place Like Home, Dorothy

Having read this story I wasn’t sure where to start, hence this ambiguous starting sentence. We’ve all seen it before, local councils, states and cities jumping on the undead band wagon to raise awareness of important issues. Do you think we zombie aficionados can charge royalties for their use of our genre? It would help fund the blood supply.

Nothing says we love you like someone who copies you. Imitation is the sincerest form… blah, blah.

Sam-BrownbackThe Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback (I really love that name!) has announced that October is their ‘Zombie Preparedness Month’. With all the weather they have in that state I would have thought these people are probably the most prepared-for-disaster population in the world. Nevertheless their Governor has decided that this isn’t enough; apparently being ready for zombies is still high on their list of needs. My gut feeling is that he is doing it to inject some fun into the more serious topic of making sure people are ready for the worst; their position as one of the most vulnerable four states in Tornado Alley means that isolation and separation from emergency services is a real threat to their lives.

I’ve never really understood why people continue to live in places that could see homes destroyed annually. Like kicking down an ant nest, these folk are back after each terrifying and destructive weather incident rebuilding their homes. Perhaps it is because their homes get regularly destroyed in the Tornado Lottery that they stay; it must build the most tenacious of people. With the likes of Amelia Earhart, Stan Kenton, Edgar Lee Masters, and Dennis Hopper coming from this State, they certainly have a pedigree of greatness.

Maybe come the Apocalypse, the zombies had better be prepared to encounter a Kansan – after all, their ‘home on the range’ is clearly worth fighting for and they won’t be moved.

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