Have A Heart! Rescue A Zombie!

A great day for the zombie apocalypse!

Did you hear about the wonderful work doctors in Australia have done transplanting hearts that have actually stopped? In effect it means that they can now use hearts that would have otherwise have been discarded as un-usable. Apparently this will increase the number of usable hearts by up to 30%, a great day for those in need. If they also turn donation laws on their heads and make everyone a donor unless you actually opt out, the number of useful hearts will increase dramatically.

All very well, but what about the zombie apocalypse? Well, there are two ways of looking at this breakthrough, the first is whether or not it is ethical to take the ‘life’ of a zombie, after all they are people whose hearts have ceased to beat. Curing the infection, whatever it is, possibly leads the way to starting the heart once more and returning the people to a normal human state. Remember Shaun Of The Dead and the return to a status quo? Maybe living with your ex-dead partner might become a reality!

The second way of looking at it is the possibility that the zombies may themselves become a donor pool for the living. Keeping them in a field like a herd of cattle might even appear ethical and reasonable as a way of giving back to society following their misdeeds. Also, why should this technology stop at the heart? Why not all organs? After all the most sensitive ones are the heart, the brain and the eyes. To be fair, who would want a zombie brain or eyes? They may be a little limiting for the recipient.

It’s an interesting bit of food for thought and certainly paints a different perspective for considering the best way to survive the ZA. What do you think? Is the Zombie Apocalypse still a fairground where shooting and hacking up targets is the best game in town? Or will we have to consider being nice to zombies?

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