Misogynists 4, People Who Give A Shit, Nil

It’s been a pretty extraordinary time recently for women (and not in a good way). Misogynists. Not that it hasn’t been a feature of our species since time began, but that’s not really an excuse, is it?

With the ISIL bastards capturing, torturing, and raping thousands of women in the name of their cause, Boko Haram kidnapping young girls by the hundred for their own sexual purposes (oh, and to terrify tribespeople into submission), Iran hanging women for defending themselves against rapists (knowing if they are raped they could legally be stoned to death for either allowing it to happen or not killing themselves afterwards – Catch 22 anyone?), or closer to home the hounding of a girl who was raped by a footballer (yes, the judgement has come down from the court so is not arguable) whose supporters feel the need and their right to track her down and threaten harm, I have to ask the question: how far has civilisation progressed and can it go any further? Have we hit the ceiling? Can we only expect smarter phones from hereon in?

The fight against misogynists began a long time ago - and it's still not over
The fight against misogynists began a long time ago – and it’s still not over

On a regular basis, TV brings us news of terrible things that are done against women all around the world, but does this same mentality exist within our so-called civilised ranks, or is what we see on our own shores simply an anomaly? We see some pretty bad stuff coming from the Twitter brigade, offering up threats to rape women in vengeance for something said that they didn’t agree with, through to the more institutionalised attitude we saw in Rotherham where a misguided and rather pathetic attempt to placate religious groups allowed kids, mostly girls, to be systematically raped with impunity for such a long time.

Is a combination of political correctness and the free speech afforded by the Internet lowering our behavioural standards? I remember back in the ‘70s at college there were women’s rights groups in the Union, the members of which were frequently derided, but they had good principles at the heart of their actions. Of course, the women’s movement has been going a lot longer than that, but it doesn’t seem to show much return on the effort expended, does it? You could almost argue a U-turn can be seen taking place in recent years. Excusing sexual misconduct because the woman was inebriated is pathetic and pandering to the male involved. If these people, instead of seeing others as victims to be used and abused, had just a modicum of respect they would defend the incapable rather than letting their lust get the better of them. If they saw a male lying on the street unconscious, would they rob or beat him as readily? Maybe, but they would face everyone’s derision for that abuse, yet no-one would hound the victim out of his home. Case in point, do you remember that poor injured male tourist who got robbed during the riots in London back in 2012? The incident was filmed, the perpetrators caught and justice served. I certainly don’t remember an outcry against the victim.

Are Celebrity Sportsmen Free to be Misogynists?

Of course we all really know what is behind the sympathetic and early release of Ched Evans – football money. It seems a footballer has more rights than the rest of us (affording better lawyers probably helps) – they certainly seem to have fans that are prepared to tolerate no dissent from his victim – after all he’s only a bloke, what can you expect? He was only doing what comes naturally. Hmm.
We seem to have no sympathy for women that get drunk; apparently they get what they deserve in a lot of people’s minds, and I suspect quite a number of women believe this also although I cannot for the life of me think why this should be the case. But imagine this: your mother, sister, or wife ends up in a vulnerable state (perhaps because of a simple reaction to medicine) and is abused as a result. Would you still think she brought it on herself? Is it acceptable if it happens to some other person’s mother, sister or wife?

I would like to think we are making progress as a society but when I see such continued disregard for women, I really wonder how much progress civilisation is actually capable of.

Your thoughts?


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