Can Zombies Tate Umami?

Here’s one for the Zombie Apocalypse!

tongue - Cornell UniA recent study has shown a hardwired link between the taste buds on your tongue and your brain, not something previously known. Why should you give a damn? Well, it’s always been thought that the five taste groups: sweet, sour, salt, bitter, and umami, are sensations detected solely on the tongue. Stay with me. This recent study proves a connection with the brain.

Now for the connection with the Zombie Apocalypse. When a person becomes a zombie it is reasonable that the tongue dies along with the rest of the body’s squidgy bits – apart from the brain, that is. So, if there’s an inherent connection between the tongue and the brain, then it might explain the zombie’s love of fresh meat rather than eating five portions of veggies a day.

Ripe_tomatoesWe all know the brain in a zombie survives the conversion process – proven by the fact that only a head shot or trauma kills it. When you get a craving for a particular food, such as cheese, coal when you’re pregnant (women only), or pickles, then one explanation is that you crave a particular element or compound. It follows, then, that zombies crave something, and that craving is coming from the brain, and less likely from the tongue, after all other organs such as the eye that are closely connected to the brain die, so it’s not unreasonable that the tongue is a dead, stinking mass (that will also explain the severe halitosis suffered by all of our zomboid friends).

It also follows that fresh meat is loaded with blood which as we all know is salty, one of the five food taste groups. Too much salt is bad for you so you can assume that zombies will die of hardening of the arteries and, if they had flowing blood, high blood pressure. So there’s your answer, zombies crave salt, and not specifically fresh meat or blood. In turn this says, and I’m sure no-one has ever thought to try it, laying out salty bar snacks might just divert the attention of zombies long enough to make good your escape! Be grateful they are not craving umami otherwise you’d have to cook them a nice stew or a tomato based meal for the same effect!

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