Douglas Adams – Was He So Far off The Truth?

In the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ series of books, Douglas Adams’ character Arthur Dent discovers that the world is a computer designed to work out the meaning of life, to which question we all now know the answer.

What if Douglas Adams was right?

fungal network douglas adams
fungal network douglas adams

A recent announcement by a group of experts says that there is a massive network of fungal hyphae (sort of roots) throughout our soil that keeps it bound together, reducing erosion. They further postulate that if properly propagated it might be used to help with air-pollution (and dare I say it – global warming) and offer another protein food source – heard of Quorn, anyone? Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you eat it.

If you look more closely, is there anything hyphae looks like to you? Perhaps nervous ganglia? Extrapolating, using the knowledge that the tree we see on the surface of earth is only a tiny fraction of the whole plant, it is probable that fungal hyphae we have discovered is only the tip of that particular iceberg. There could be millions of tons of complex networking beneath our feet. What if there was a thinking purpose within this vast complexity? You may be thinking I’m off my trolley but give it a bit more thought before you make up your mind.

Douglas Adams also invented a machine in the same book, the Total Perspective Vortex. It allowed you to stand back and see yourself for the insignificant spec that you – we – actually are. If we stand back and think about what we don’t know – in recent years various satellite telescopes have shown that there exist millions of Goldilocks planets suitable to support human life. That is a massively significant, recent U-turn for scientific thought. What if we have inadvertently unearthed the Earth’s raison d’être – what if our every move is indelibly linked to the processes that are going on beneath our feet? Only thing is, we don’t understand the links just yet. Maybe this is a Rubicon moment, we’re up to our ankles right now having just stepped into the water.

What comes next?

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