Homes In The Apocalypse

I take it all back! While I have done several articles on suitable homes in the apocalypse, none of them have come close to the potential ideal as this one. What is it that has walls thick enough to repel bullets and RPGs, is capable of isolating itself depending on the needs of the moment, has a single defendable entrance and exit, and has more luxury than pretty much anywhere else short of a palace or bachelor pad? An ice-breaking super yacht, of course!

Superyacht front view in ice homes in the apocalypse
Functional and stylish

This particular one can also resist the charms of an iceberg, and can go anywhere, anytime. The only downside I can see is that you’ll have to be quick to grab the only one floating at the moment.

Superyacht - go anywhere homes in the apocalypseSo, what’s it got that would be of use to us in the ZA?

  • A helipad – this boat can accommodate two helicopters, one for menial tasks such as shopping and one for the more serious task of patrol and SAR when necessary. ‘Shopping’ would include those occasions when the caviar gets a little low. You could sail over to the Black Sea and harvest it fresh to eat – well, your staff will be able to do this for you.
  • Did I say it is an icebreaker (and no I don’t mean it tells jokes at a party although it could host many a one) – there is little that could obstruct its passage so a clean getaway is pretty much assured.
  • Superyacht homes in the apocalypse - I know which bedrom is mine
    I know which bedroom is mine!

    A swimming pool – for those days when there’s little else to do, which in the ZA on board this vessel would be most days.

  • You haven’t seen the master bedroom with a 180degree view ahead.
  • The dining area is significant so you will be able to entertain the many friends you will have should you own one of these beauties.
  • There’s a staff sleeping quarters – you will have to be careful how you treat your staff in the ZA as monetary gain has little to do with life at this point.
  • This vessel can accommodate lighters and/or small submarines so ship to shore travel is simplified and assured. If you have a submarine you could go to the bottom and investigate whether it’s true that zombies would live on the bottom as they wouldn’t need to breathe. A number of books, including one of mine postulate this potential. If you get the chance, let me know 🙂

Superyacht - go anywhere homes in the apocalypse warmI think, on reflection that this vessel has outdone all other vehicles and dwellings I have discussed in the past. Would you agree? Or do you think it’s too high maintenance to fit in the homes for the apocalypse category?



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