Bolt Holes in the Zombie Apocalypse

Just when I think I have the ideal solution to surviving in the Zombie Apocalypse, along comes another great idea or discovery! It seems that finding bolt holes in the zombie apocalypse is only limited by your imagination and personal knowledge of the area in which you live.

Rule Number 1: Know you own area. Understand secure venues and weapons potential.

So, I’ve discussed kick-ass land vehicles and secure sea-going craft; I have also written about the potential of airborne support (The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle) as a rescue, mobility and defensive mode of transport.

Maunsell forts Red sands forts bolt holes zombie apocalypse

One thing I haven’t discussed at this point is actually living at sea. You may have seen Waterworld (Kevin Kostner) and thought that it might be a good place to stay away from land-based threats. Using a boat, no matter what size requires a certain amount of skill and constant vigilance because it moves even when you’re asleep. It never stops even when you do.

What if you could have a base at sea that was stationary? You’re probably thinking of sea based oil platforms. Wrong – they will be full of workers who may or may not be zombies. They probably won’t let you on board anyway. The other problem is that they are mostly a very long way from land.

Maudsell Fort red sands bolt holes zombie apocalypse

Thanks to Mr Maunsell, for those of us that live near the Thames Estuary there is a solution. Maunsell Forts. They look a little like the tripods in War Of The Worlds only they have four legs. They were designed to be a threat to German aircraft during WWII. In fact they shot down 35 as these squadrons followed the Thames towards London to drop their deadly load. These forts can also be credited with the sinking of a U-Boat. A significant defensive station.

They’ve also been used for pirate radio stations since the sixties, been collided with by ships and several destroyed by army and navy engineers to prevent further illegal usage. Of the ten army and navy forts built, five still remain near the mouth of the Thames. They look reminiscent of Beyond The Thunderdome and would be an ideal berth for the superyacht in my previous article. They housed many men at any one time during their service so would be a great place to provision and await the end of the initial chaos of the apocalypse.

maunsell fort naval version bolt holes zombie apocalypse
The Naval Version

So my friends, it will pay you to research your area a little, know what’s out there in advance of the End. For me, I will have my kick-ass Action Mobil Global XRS 7200, use it to collect supplies from land; I will put the supplies on my super yacht, and sail out to my Maunsell Fort complex.

The real question is, which games console will I take with me?



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