Post-Apocalyptic Party!

Why is (almost) everything bigger in America? Is it because they have more land? Or is it because they embrace things and ideas more fiercely? Everything post-apocalyptic seems to be a special favourite these days.

wasteland post-apocalyptic partyThe latest news is that you can attend a post-apocalyptic party in the Mojave Desert for a taste of what it’s like to exist in a crumbling society, although I suspect that good and plentiful food and fun rather than surviving will be high on most people’s agenda.

post apocalyptic party souvenirsWith 2,500 people at the latest event at a place called ‘Wasteland’ – perhaps an accurate description of this little slice of desert – it has grown significantly since the first one back in 2010. Looking at the participants, all of whom have to dress up in appropriate costume, it doesn’t look like their well-fed carcasses have been suffering very long. In spite of my cynicism, it looks like pretty good fun with entertainment laid on for the evenings including bands and even combat competitions.

Much as I reckon it’d be a bloody great party, I still wonder how something so Mad Max-esque could have such an attraction to modern young people, after all I was in my late teens when Mad Max came out (1979) so even a thirty year old hadn’t been born at that time. Damn, I feel old when I think of it in those terms. If any of you out there can answer that I’d love to hear from you. Maybe it’s all the zombie apocalypse stuff that’s digging up interest in these older films.

post apocalypse partyMaybe we simply like the idea of a new world order, and perhaps an apocalypse is the only way to achieve it. Let’s face it the politicians will never make enough change to give us the changes we need.



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