How Do Zombies See?

zombie eyes how do zombies seeI know that every one of us has asked that question at one time or another. Assuming brain function even at the lowest possible level is achievable, how can the eyes actually do their job? Just how do zombies see us?

The eyes are an external interface directly connected to the brain – the window to our souls. It is natural to assume the eyes would have some sort of kindred functionality. So what is it?

I think I have the answer to the question – how do zombies see?

how do zombies see zombie eyesAssuming the eyes and brains have any functionality at all then it can also be correctly assumed that the overall performance levels of these organs are degenerated. When a person gets older we know that hearing degrades, losing the ability to detect the higher frequencies.

how do zombies seeIf eyes do the same thing: degrading after the owner dies and becomes a zombie then my theory holds water. As the cones and rods denature (grow mushy) their ability to take advantage not only of the ability to focus but also the higher light frequencies degrades. As a result it may even be that the ability to detect lower frequencies such as infrared is increased. If that’s the case then it may explain the ability of zombies to detect a breather from a distance. We glow white to them, our infrared radiation beating down on them like a summer sun – unlike their buddies. It might also explain why they stumble around with their arms out, their ability to detect their surroundings will be very poor especially at night or in cooler climates.

Whow do zombies see zombie eyes infraredhite eyes. If a zombie is able to see through nacreous eyes then the eyes may be mimicking infrared sensors which also have white covers to filter out the other frequencies.

So there you have it, another argument against zombie behaviour quashed!


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