Democracy – According to ?

You older folk out there, those that suddenly became traitors for voting, you might be mistaken for thinking that what is going on out there is not exactly your understanding of the word democracy, a word many younger people bandy about with gay abandonment. So this is democracy – according to whom?

democracyMy guess is that because we (oops, let the age slip show) have not been on university campuses or in the Houses of Parliament lately will not have seen the recently re-published handy pocket-sized and jauntily named book “Democracy – this is my version” by that well-known pundit of democracy, Joseph Stalin. Apparently it is flying off the shelves, being bought by those eager to understand what it’s really about, after all those Greeks must have gotten it wrong somehow – it couldn’t be that simple, surely?

Cleisthenes father of greek democracy
Democracy at work

Prior to its discovery by the European Union’s Think Tank called ‘What’s this thing Democracy – and can it hurt us?’ few people realised that Stalin was a proponent of democracy. He was forever letting the people who believed in his version of events convince others of his veracity. They would stage huge parties in Siberia in fenced-in areas called Gulags (the fencing was to protect them from bears and wolves, I am reliably informed) where they would patiently discuss the finer points of said truths with those who had not been to university or probably drove white vans (no proof was needed for this particular allegation); after all, it is well-known that these people, although foolishly they had been given the vote by some old guy way back when (yet another example of an oldie being bad for the health and future of those between 18 and 25 years of age), seemed actually to think that their vote meant something. From where could they have possibly gotten that crazy idea?

As a proud Brexit voter I have been labelled (without even asking me what I stand for) by the Remain campaign as a racist, un-educated, simple-minded country person or even worse, a flat-cap wearing northerner brought up around those dark satanic mills while tending to my whippets and ferrets. What could I possibly know about what’s good for me? I’m not going to dignify those small-minded liberals and lefties with a response to that, only to know how utterly wrong they are. Strange isn’t it, most liberals you meet are anything but egalitarian or even liberal. Progressive, maybe, whatever that means.

My father passed on a few years ago, and I feel certain that if he could see the current plight of this great nation he would feel grateful to be out of it.

Back to democracy.

The students who so vocally objected to the results of the referendum apparently feel let down by ‘democracy’ and its legal processes. Personally, I think I blame the lax attitudes of their parents and teachers that they came to this conclusion. At this point I will say that if the result to the vote was the other way around I would feel seriously let down (perhaps by our youth in particular?). There is one thing I absolutely wouldn’t do, and that is be a bad example to them by denying the results, demanding a re-run or voicing opinions that the results simply be ignored! I spent 13 miserable years watching the Labour Party (for whom I did not vote) under He Who Shall Remain Nameless, as he took us to war, and brought us ever closer in dreadlock to the EU. He did countless other things I abhor but the one thing he did again and again that every one of these young people either forget or were simply too young to understand was to ignore the will of the people.

I believe Blair (dammit, I’ve said it now) started a trend – that is to say what they want in order to be elected and then deliver on none of it. After all, it was only the people who wanted that crazy stuff.

I also confess that I was a Conservative supporter once upon a time. No more; Cameron, upon defeat at this referendum, reminded us of the one success of his time in office – Gay Marriage! While I am a strong believer of live and let live, I hardly think this ought to be his crowning glory. Slightly more pressing and urgent matters such as helping ‘The Great Satan’, that other bastion of democracy, screw up the Middle East should clearly have been his proudest moment.

And now that the democratic rule has spoken, Brexit 1 – Remain 0, even the Brexit MPs are adding to the fascist voices of the deniers that surely this cannot be right? Supposedly the EU wants us gone, but the bleating sheep losers won’t have it, and the traitor Cameron resigned just when his country most needed him – NOW!

michael gove democracy decent man
A decent man

As I write this we have a hole, sorry, chasm in the top of our country – I say top but realistically they are almost all bottom feeders of spectacular form – from both parties. I would like to point out one reasonable voice (in my opinion at least) through this entire affair was from Michael Gove – he comes across as a very decent man.

I’ve always said that we should stop putting those who want to be in power and drag a man or woman kicking and screaming in from the street and give them a year at the helm. They are likely to have no less experience and skill than the incumbent predators yet we would at least be governed by one of the real ‘us’ to ensure that democracy, that government, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth – that’s a famous quote by the way, not me being eloquent.


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