1984 has Arrived

1984 has arrived and we didn’t even see it coming. The book, 1984 by George Orwell is still a great piece of social comment and analysis. Along with ‘Animal Farm‘ in which he depicts a world where ‘we are all equal but some are more equal than others’ his social comment was levelled at rampant socialism in 1949 but can easily be likened to what is evident today – it’s positively Orwellian!

george orwell 1984I was spurred to write about this, a need I have felt coming for quite a while, by three articles I read online today.

The first article was closely aligned to this same topic; the second – in the same publication – castigated Adele for having her own way – for the second time no less – and not doing as she was told by the Geldof crew et al. Apparently she did not contribute one of her songs to some up and coming charity album that is intended to split the proceeds between Oxfam and the fund set up after the MP Jo Cox’ death. Apparently she had the gall to privately contribute to a couple of charities close to that same MP’s heart and not to the fund set up in the unfortunate dead MPs honour. With what we know about such funds these days, who can blame her?

The third article was about Christopher Biggins on Big Brother (originally the all-powerful virtual leader in ‘1984’) of all things. His view on AIDs and its spread was something he had read and truly believed in. And yet he was booted out for those same opinions, in spite of worse being said by others around him. Please, please don’t misunderstand me – I DO NOT watch Big Brother, nor do I particularly care about Christopher Biggins, but it was another example of someone censured for his opinions.

Have so few people noticed in a society that promotes ‘me, me, me’ that when someone tries to do their own thing or put forward their opinions they are vilified – usually as racist or anti-LGBT – the ultimate slurs of choice these days. I am not going to talk about Brexit but let’s face it, that was the ultimate trial of the liberal left – the ‘more equal’ over the rest of us, the plebes or merely ‘equal’ in society.

Time and time again I read in the paper how well-known people, famous for their positive and progressive deeds back in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s are shouted down by self-appointed guardians of today’s prevailing wisdom. I couldn’t believe it when I read how poorly received were Germaine Greer’s opinions on the Transgender topic at a talk to Cambridge University’s Student’s Union. She has an opinion, she was asked to speak and she did. Rather than play by democratic rules and Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s words “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” she was booed from the stage. That’s a very left wing response from a champagne liberal university. The net result is that your opinion will be heard – provided you say what we want you to say.

My formative years were the ‘70’s and I remember well the extremism practiced in the Student’s Unions across the country under the guise of the National Union of Students. As far as I was concerned this union, of which I had to be a member in that closed shop, was all about securing good deals for students – cheaper books, holiday deals, and of course the Union Bar. What it was full of, and it appears to be pretty much the same now, was a select few that decided a political bias was called for – these same people chose running the Student’s Union over getting a real job – the prevailing opinion then and now.

This same problem exists outside the world of academia; the social/liberal/lefties that look down upon the rest of the population are alive and kicking – and still live in Hampstead Heath although their kind is spreading out into the population at large, buoyed on by ‘celebrities’ whose primary skill is not to think but to repeat words of others. They tell us who to vote for and they deride us when we vote ‘incorrectly’ according to their plan. Addressing their latest battle cry, that we should take everyone in from everywhere – especially Syria, I have noticed that other than Lambeth Palace, I have yet to see one of these mouthpieces set up a refugee camp on their vast estates to ease the problem they say we are causing by our disagreement.

I’m not offering any opinions on current geo-political circumstances, but I just want you to think a little about the fact that we were once horrified, and rightly so, at the dystopian world painted for us by Mr Orwell – we should remain so, and stop the gradual erosion of our fears of control by celebrity and gameshow mentality, when Big Brother now means a house full of misfits and wannabes, and soundbites are all we are capable of hearing.

If you have never read 1984 or Animal Farm, I encourage you do so or even watch the 1984 and Animal Farm films if you prefer: the parallels to today are uncanny and more than a little disturbing. Are we already living in a dystopian world? Do we believe what we are told by the authorities? Should we?


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