Surviving The Apocalypse – Is It a Rich Man’s Game?

One of my readers, @GirlsWhoHunt1 (thank you), brought a rather interesting product set to my attention. Things like this make me wonder if surviving the apocalypse is a rich man’s game. I don’t believe I can make a judgement on that but here are some ideas on the subject.

surviving the apocalypse Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit david k roberts self-published author zombies scifi sci-fi science fiction horrorI have written extensively on survival in the Zombie Apocalypse – it pretty much goes without saying that any apocalypse, whatever the cause would be a bit of a challenge to survive, hence being called ‘apocalypse’ I guess. I have talked about vehicles, I’ve discussed homes in the apocalypse, all of which seem to require kick-ass capabilities, ranging from being impermeable to micro-attack as well as the blunt hammering of zombies, through to being able to get around securely and quickly. And of course – weapons.

If you have deep pockets then this article may come over as some sort of advert or product placement but to the rest of us it may just present you with some hints moving forward. One of the things I love about considering the Zombie Apocalypse is its visceral nature, the fact that it will be gut wrenching, terrifying and require quick thinking should you not succumb to the initial whateveritis. In other words it will suddenly backdate our ‘civilization’ 10,000 years, back when big furry creatures were not household pets of the rich and famous or residents of gated communities (zoos), but wanted you for a meal as much as you wanted them to stay away or wrap around you in winter.

surviving the apocalypse david k roberts self-published author zombies survival kitZ.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet – a big title for a big set of products. When I replied to @GirlsWhoHunt1 I joked about needing a big-ass vehicle to carry it all around in. I’m not convinced it was all that much of a joke. Looking at the list of its contents I am in awe of it. For just shy of $24,000 (£18,458 and some change) you can be the proud owner of just about everything you will need to survive. For a further £59,460 ($77,309 and some change) you can buy a brand new Range Rover to carry it around in – you’ll also get a drinks holder and a satnav for as long as that technology works.

I have the sneaky feeling that if I buy this, the car and the underground lair to weather the initial phase of the Apocalypse I will probably be in town shopping or at the pub when it starts, leaving me high and dry if I cannot get back to it. Perhaps these things will be fun to own if you have the cash, but when reality bites chances are you will have to rely on what you have on you, primarily your brain. Let’s face it, whatever you take into the ZA it will wear out in time, surviving in the apocalypse means you end up with your brain and your hands – hopefully.

In the end I keep coming back to one truth, if your number is up, then you can hide at the end of the world in a deep hole but you can’t duck enough to dodge the inevitable.

If your number is not yet up then you can start thinking about how you can use what’s around you to survive. For my money I will collect water bottles and food. If I want to make it into the mountains or at least get away from cities and big towns I will raid a library – the font of all knowledge – and avail myself of books on what can be eaten safely in the local area. I will make use of other people’s ideas on how to live in the wild – because for most people pre-apocalypse this will be your first ‘roughing it’ holiday.

Strangely I’ll probably keep my wallet and its contents, at least for a while. And my iPod with a solar charger – I can’t do without my music! Music civilizes people.


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