TWD Is Not For Snowflakes

I’ve read some pretty strange things in the last few years, and a lot of it pointing in the direction of a society that is more easily offended and damaged than ever before. I think it is even possible to get PTSD from thinking a bad thought nowadays. One thing is for sure: TWD is not for snowflakes.

twd negan snowflake david k roberts TWD Is Not For SnowflakesWhen I first heard the term ‘snowflake’ used implying the delicate nature of the modern young I felt a mixture of agreement combined with a little indignation for the upcoming younger generations. It’s on a par with the expression ‘poor white trash’ which denigrates a whole sector of the population who cannot fight back.

Reading an article in the Daily Mail today about people’s reactions to the first episode of series seven of The Walking Dead I burst out laughing, not because I am cruel by nature but because people even filmed their reactions to the programme. Now I know that social media has hit a new all-time low when it raves about people’s horror at a programme that has always been violent – it has zombies and dangerous people in it, for God’s sake! Why would you film yourself being horrified at something you deliberately watched knowing that someone was to die in the first few minutes? There has always been a copious supply of fake blood in TWD.

I suspect people are less horrified at the programme and more determined to get their own five minutes of fame – even if they have to look like a horse’s ass in doing so. Is this the point of the snowflake generation as it’s now known? They will do anything to get public recognition? Complaining seems to be the fast track way of being noticed – talent be damned!

Whatever the reason for this reaction, one thing is for certain, TWD Is Not For Snowflakes!


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