12 – ROOO – Dash To Safety

Witnessing the horrific change over the infected people, both James and Claire realised the need to escape – dash to safety.


10 – ROOO – Home on The Range

Claire’s parents, home on the range, so to speak, are just beginning to realise that all is not what is should be and that their cosy lifestyle is under threat.

4 – ROOO – Closing Up Shop

More information is revealed to James, our reluctant hero and his hard to cope with boss. Shutting down and getting home seems to be the best bet.

3 – ROOO – Statuesque

Zombie dust or contagion? Our story starts in a shopping mall, but don’t worry, it won’t stay there!

1 – ROOO – Prelude to Right Out Of Options

How does any apocalyptic end of a civilisation begin? An unknown contagion? An extraterrestrial invasion or cataclysmic event? Or someone’s stupid and selfish throwing of toys out of their pram? Read on to find out.